Free open-source PHP CMS

NodCMS is an open-source Content Management System to create a website.

What can with NodCMS do?

  • Profiles

    On NodCMS you are able to create five type of about page with a home preview.

  • Blog

    You can build your blog on your website with NodCMS.

  • Gallery

    NodCMS has a gallery system to create albums with unlimited images.

  • Portfolio

    NodCMS allows you to display your Portfolios with images and description on the homepage of your webiste.

  • Pricing table

    If you have some pricing table you are able to display them on the homepage of your website whit .

  • Services

    You can display your service on NodCMS with or without price, content, images, and icons.

  • Articles

    With NodCMS you can enter unlimited articles as extra pages.

  • Menu manager

    In the header and footer menu of your website, you be able to manage internal and external links.

  • Social links

    On NodCMS you can find an option to set your pages on social network on your website.

  • Privacy Policy

    There is special pages for privacy policy and terms & conditions on NodCMS.

  • Contact form

    You can enable or disable the contact form on your website with NodCMS.

  • Custom homepage

    However you homepage of NodCMS will set automatically with the sort options in admin, but you can choose display the home differently.


Technologies which used in the production of NodCMS.
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


Libraries which used in the production of NodCMS.
  • CodeIgniter
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
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